$13.5M raised: Bitcoin Dogs embarks on an ambitious journey of listings and web 3.0 pursuits

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Bitcoin Dogs


Bitcoin Dogs

Bitcoin Dogs presale ended within a month, raising nearly $13.5 million.
The token distribution and CEX listings come next.
The token carries a 100x potential as post-listing speculations mount.

One thing was obvious as the Bitcoin Dogs ($0DOG) presale concluded on March 15. The presale had been one of the most successful ever, as amounts raised surpassed $13.49 million. As expectations build on what is next for the ambitious Bitcoin ICO, speculations arise on the token’s potential. The frenzy cements predictions that $0DOG could rise by up to 100x. Beyond these wild expectations, Bitcoin Dogs reinforces itself as a key player in gaming, metaverse, and NFTs. As such, the investment potential is robust even as the team embarks on the journey to actualise the project.

Bitcoin Dogs: A lightening quick presale with 100x potential 

Undoubtedly, the next most awaited milestone for Bitcoin Dogs is listing on exchanges. The team has updated that it plans to take the token to public markets. And most definitely, the eagerly awaited token distribution after the conclusion of the presale.

While there are no exact dates for the token distribution and listings, the launch attracts big $0DOG moves. There are reasons for this optimistic expectation. 

Since coming into the limelight approximately a month ago, Bitcoin Dogs has been a lightning-quick presale. The presale has lasted just one month, raising millions in the process. This just underlines how much FOMO the token has generated and its price potential. A close relationship with Bitcoin has, of course, boosted the presale. 

As such, Bitcoin Dogs is the first ever BRC-20 token. The token is minted from the legacy Bitcoin blockchain, and many are convinced of its qualitative features. Bitcoin’s legacy, trust, and security rank high among the attractions. Being founded on the Bitcoin network, therefore, gives Bitcoin Dogs an upper hand, fueling the FOMO.

Conversely, Bitcoin Dogs has been labelled a 100x potential cryptocurrency. The projections are well justified owing to the high speculation the token has generated. This comes when Bitcoin hits record highs, with boosts from spot ETFs and upcoming halving event. As Bitcoin Dogs debuts amid positive fundamentals, the token could explode in value and become a 100x gainer.

Bitcoin Dogs investment captivates with its use cases in web 3.0

Metaverse, gaming, and non-fungible tokens are exciting web 3.0 applications gaining much interest in 2024. This follows a bullish crypto market and expectations around the recovery of the once-booming sectors. The use cases ingrain Bitcoin Dogs into the depths of web 3.0, helping in the project’s growth.

To begin with, Bitcoin Dogs will be the biggest Bitcoin ordinals, with 10,000 unique collectables. This is an advantage to the token holders who can profitably own and sell their collectables on marketplaces. It is also an opportunity for holders to participate in virtual pet trading for additional income.

In addition, Bitcoin Dogs offers an opportunity for holders to escape everyday hassles. The platform is an immersive gaming ecosystem where users can take socially engaging and exciting activities. Pet training, addictive competitions, and social banter with fellow dog owners are some activities to explore. As crypto intertwines with virtuality, investors will have the last laugh, getting the best of the two worlds. Definitely, the Bitcoin Dogs token will grow in value as more users explore these nascent sectors.

Is Bitcoin Dogs a good investment?

Bitcoin Dogs has set the tone for being one of the best presales of 2024. As FOMO remains high, the token could explode in value after listing. Use cases in gaming, metaverse, and NFTs also cement Bitcoin Dogs’ future value. Not to forget that the token’s association with Bitcoin attracts a lot of interest that could drive demand and value.

Aside from the notable utilities, Bitcoin Dogs investment is an opportunity to belong to a vibrant community. Fees generated from the dog community are pooled back into a dedicated reward fund. This means additional earnings through generous giveaways and community-oriented initiatives.


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